Music Artists, Why A Sweet Melody Is Important To Getting A Hit Song (By Sound Magix Songwriters)

As a music artiste, the melody of your song is a very important part of your song and a very important ingredient for you to get a hit song, a song without a sweet melody is like a soup without SALT (tasteless) is the result, when you make a song without a sweet melody, the ingredient that keeps the listeners listening to your song is missing, and you can never make a HIT SONG that way. You must have noticed that there are songs that when you listen to them it feels like it i taking you to heaven, that is the effect of a sweet melody on a song, it makes people fall in love with your song, and you are well on your way to making a HIT SONG.

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We sell our songs at an affordable rate, so upcoming artistes can also afford it. We have a “CONTRACT OF AGREEMENT” drafted by our lawyers, after every purchase of a song, we will send you a signed copy of this document for you to sign also, and once you sign, it means the copy right ownership of the song has been transfered to you and you are the legal owner of the song, which also means that we can’t sell the song to any other person.


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